FMR not letting the grass grow under their feet

Scenic realism of static grass now affordable for all modellers

Finescale Model World Ltd. (inc. Finescale Model Railways) has produced a “Budget” Static Grass Applicator making the application of static grass on a layout or diorama affordable for every modeller.

Initially launched in November 2011 at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition held at the N.E.C. Birmingham. The product has received great reviews from both Model Rail Magazine (December 2011/January 2012) and Railway Modeller (March 2012).

The product was initially designed when fmr were asked to sort out static grass for Pete Waterman’s layout ‘Leamington Spa’. Unwilling to spend £130 plus on a product that would only be used for a very short term fmr decided to make their own. After much research, they came up with a design that worked effectively and efficiently, and before the grass grew under their feet, decided to have the product made commercially so that other modellers could benefit from the product.

Since the initial design fmr have now produced a maxi applicator with a larger container, that holds nearly twice as much grass as their standard applicator.

Finescale’s static grass applicators were “designed by modellers for modellers”
Both our standard and our maxi applicators have recieved excellent reviews from the Model Railway Press, we have also received some wonderful comments from our customers.
Our applicators have been manufactured so that the use of static grass will easily make this exciting process affordable for all modellers in all gauges and scales.
Whatever size of scenic area you have to cover, our applicators are very happy to oblige, they are also just as happy ‘sprouting’ 4mm and 10mm grass as they are at ‘planting’ 2mm grass.
Don’t just take our word for it . . .
Take a look at Model Rail (Issue 172, August 2012) and see what Pete Marriott (Scenic Expert) says. Peter has been involved with scenics for many years and is recognised as one of the experts in the scenics field of model railways.