A new completely water based primer and micro-filler suitable for use with plastics, resins and metals. It can be used as a straight primer which dries to a perfectly flat finish, perfect to receive your top coat paint, and you can put acrylic, solvent based or even 2K paints with it without fear of reaction.

Not only is it a superb primer that can be used as primer filler by simply holding back the thinner you put in. It can also be used neat as a filler stopper. Got a scratch or that joint that doesn't quite join?

Try Master Prime neat from the bottle using a brush, cotton bud or cocktail stick to apply, you can then fill the gap. You then have a choice: leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and with a cotton bud damped in some water you can remove the excess and hey presto the gap is filled or, leave for about 1hour and dry flat the area back for superb results.

Both straight and airbrush ready products available.

'PREMIER PRIMER' as seen in B.R.M. April 2014